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  • Stepper Motor Controller
  • Linear Slide
  • Manual Stage
  • GM-12
Rotary Stages Rotary Stages Newmark Systems is a world leader in precision rotary table technology designed for critical positioning applications. Learn More
Linear Stages Linear Stages Our high-performance linear slides can be combined into a number of different XY, XZ and XYZ table configurations. Learn More
Gimbal Mounts Gimbals Newmark's high precision line of gimbal systems are designed for general purpose pointing, scanning & tracking applications. Learn More
Motion Controllers Controllers We offer a fully programmable line of stepper and servo motor controllers for use with our motion control systems. Learn More

Motion Control Systems

Featured Products

HR-3 High Speed Table

HR-3 Series High Speed Table

• Low Cost
• Up to 2000 RPM
• No Gears
• Compact Size
Learn More
Vertical Lift Stage

VS Series

• 15 mm Travel
• 0.03 µm Resolution
• 10 µm Accuracy
• Up to 7 kg Load
Learn More
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