This motion controller is designed for use with all Newmark stepper motor systems.

The controller can communicate with the host computer through an RS-232 or Ethernet interface. It can manage up to four axes and perform coordinated or independent motion of each or all the axes simultaneously. With built-in high level functionality, such as circular and linear interpolation, position tracking, multi-tasking and custom profiling, programming the controller is greatly simplified.

NSC-G SoftwareThe motion controller can operate as a stand-alone system through the digital I/O for synchronizing motion with external events. It utilizes a 32-bit microprocessor to control the trajectory profile, acceleration, velocity, deceleration and program memory with multitasking for simultaneously running up to eight programs.

The NSC-G multi-axes controller is commanded using virtually any programming language to pass simple ASCII command strings to the controller through the RS-232 or ethernet port. The command set includes conditional statements, event triggers, and math function.


NSC-G Series Controller

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RS-232 to USB Adapter

RS-232 to USB Adapter
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2 & 3 Axis Joysticks

Analog Joystick
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Voltage Input100 – 260 VAC 47 – 63 Hz
Output Current3.0A Peak
Motor Type2/4 Phase bipolar stepper
Microstep ResolutionProgrammable up to 51200 steps per rev. (1.8° motor)
CommunicationsRS-232 up to 19.2kbps, 10 Base-T Ethernet
Program and Data Storage1000 kines x 80 characters 510 variables 8000 array elements in up to 30 arrays
Number of I/O8 (4 input, 4 output)
Encoder FeedbackHigh-Speed Differential Inputs up to 12Mhz
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