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RT-5DR Manual Rotary Stage

RT-5DR Manual Rotary Stage
Digital Readout With Manual Rotary Stage

This new manual rotary stage offers instant position feedback with the use of a 7 digit display.

The RT-5DR manual series incorporates the use of a precision rotary encoder to provide positional information to a small DRO unit. This is a smart, user-friendly rotary stage alternative to cumbersome outdated micrometer arrangements.


Accuracy: 72 arc seconds
Resolution: 0.0025°
Travel: 360° continuous
Gear Ratio: 72:1
Load capacity: 50 lbs.
Stage Weight: 6 lbs.
Material: Aluminum
Finish: Black Anodized
Floating Zero
Positive and Negitive mesurments
Includes 12V power adapter


RT-5DR Manual Rotary Stage
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Motor Options

No Motor Options Available

Order information

 Part Number

RT-5 Series Manual Rotary Table
Resolution: 0.00225°
2000 CPR Rotary Encoder
Connector for DRO Unit

Digital Readout Unit
Seven 0.5" high numeric digits with blue backlight
Bidirectional counting
Includes universal AC power adapter, 12 VDC output


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