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Vacuum Compatible Stages

Newmark Systems offers a wide variety of vacuum compatible linear and rotary stages.

Newmark Systems offers many of our linear stages, rotary stages, and gimbal mounts are available in a vacuum compatible version.


NLS4 Series: Vacuum Compatible Linear Stage

Newmark’s NLS4 linear slides offers vacuum compatibility down to 10-7 Torr. Available in XY and XYZ configurations.


NLE Series: Vacuum Compatible Linear Stage

The Vacuum Compatible NLE series linear stage features a high resolution linear encoder for precise positioning.


D-Slide Series: Vacuum Compatible Linear Slide

The vacuum compatible D-Slide Long Travel Linear Stage offers travel lengths up to 1 meter.


VS-15 Vacuum Compatible Vertical Lift Stage

The VS-15 Series Vertical Lift Stage offers vacuum compatibility and travel up to 15mm.


RM-3 Vacuum Compatible Rotary Stage

Small High Performance Rotary Stage
90:1 and 45:1 Gear Ratios