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LMS Series – Brushless Linear Motor Slide

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LMS Series Direct Drive Linear Motor Stage

LMS Series brushless DC direct drive XY linear motor stage

The LMS Series linear motor stage is offered in a travel lengths of 100 mm, 200 mm, 300 mm, and 400mm with a maximum speed of 400 mm/sec. This is the ideal stage for applications requiring high speed and precise positioning. The LMS Series utilizes a brushless DC direct drive motor eliminating the use of a leadscrew for precise backlash-free operation. A high resolution optical linear encoder is integrated to provide a positioning repeatability of ±1 µm. The carriage rides on twin precision linear guide bearings mounted to a 6061 aluminum chassis for high rigidity and linearity. End of travel optical limit switches come standard on the LMS Series direct drive linear stage.

The LMS Series is not suitable for use in a vertical orientation. This stage has very little friction and can easily be move by hand, therefore is not suitable for applications requiring the carriage to remain in position when power is not applied.


LMS Series Direct Drive Linear Stage

Typical lead-time: 6 Weeks or Sooner
Part Number: LMS-


Travel Range
100mm, 200mm, 300mm, 400mm
0.5 µm
Bi-directional Repeatability
± 1 µm
± 3 µm / 100 mm of travel
Max. Speed
400 mm/sec
Max. Acceleration
5000 mm/sec2
Continuos Motor Force
 30 N
Limit Switches
Optical switches at each end of travel
Maximum Payload
10 kg (22 lb.)
Motor Type
Brushless DC Linear Motor 
Stage Weight
7.3 kg (16 lb.)
Material and Finish
Aluminum Alloy, Black Anodize
Operating Temperature
5°C to 45°C

The stage has been tuned for payloads up to 1.8 kg (4 lbs) when used with a Newmark Servo controller. High loads will require retuning.


LMS-Series Brushless DC Linear Motor Stage
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