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NSC-A1 Single Axis USB Stepper Motor Controller

The NSC-A1 Series motion controller is a powerful single axis stepper motor control system which combines a microstepping driver with a programmable controller into a compact envelope.

UI SoftwareCommunication to the NSC-A1 can be established over USB or RS-485. It is also possible to download a stand-alone program to the device and have it run independent of a host. It utilizes a 32-bit microprocessor to control the trajectory profile, acceleration, velocity, deceleration. If closed loop motion control is required, the NSC-A1 can be expanded to handle differential inputs from an encoder.

The NSC-A1 is supplied with a +24 VDC power adapter. The NSC-A1 controller has an analog inputs for connecting a Joystick. For developing custom software the controller includes sample source code for VB, C++.

*When using the NSC-A1 controller with Python, MATLAB or LabVIEW, item 250149 (RS-485 to USB Adapter) will be required.


Part No. NSC-

RS-485 to USB Adapter with cable for NSC-A1 Controller

RS-485 to USB Adapter with cable for NSC-A1 Controller
In Stock

Part No. 250149

3 Axis Joystick

In Stock
Part No. JOY-3
Input Voltage +12 to +24 VDC
Communications USB 2.0 and RS-485 (9600-115K bps)
Inputs Opto-isolated +Limit, -Limit, and Home
Digital Inputs (6) Opto-isolated Inputs
Digital Outputs (2) Opto-isolated Outputs
Encoder Feedback A/B/Z Differential Encoder Inputs
Analog Input (2) 10-bit Analog Inputs (Joystick Control)
Output Current 3.0 Amp Max. (peak current)
Micro-step Resolution 2 to 500
Weight 0.34 kg (0.75 lbs)
NSC-A1 Single Axis USB Stepper Motor Controller NSC-A1 Single Axis USB Stepper Motor ControllerClick to Enlarge

QuickMotion NSC-A1 Software:
QuickMotion NSC-A1 v1.0.2 Installer

USB Driver:
USB Driver v4.01.3
Sample Source Code
Includes sample source code for VB, C++.

NSC-A1 User Manual:
User Manual Rev 1.3

CAD-STEP File Format:

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