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NSC-A2L Two Axis USB Stepper Motor Controller

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The NSC-A2L Series motion controller is a powerful two axis stepper motor control system which combines a microstepping driver with a programmable controller into a compact envelope.

UI Software

Communication to the NSC-A2L can be established over USB or RS-485. It is also possible to download a stand-alone program to the device and have it run independent of a host. It utilizes a 32-bit microprocessor to control the trajectory profile, acceleration, velocity, deceleration. If closed loop motion control is required, the NSC-A2L can be expanded to handle differential inputs from an encoder. The NSC-A2L is supplied with a +24 VDC power adapter. The NSC-A2L controller has two analog inputs for connecting a 2 Axis Joystick. For developing custom software the controller includes sample source code for 32-bit LabVIEW, VB, C++, Python.

Please note that this controller has a maximum output current of 1.5 amps. Be sure the motor being used has less than a 1.5 Amp/Phase rating.

UI SoftwareStage Setup

The supplied software makes it easy to configure the controller for the specific model of linear or rotary stage. Select the series and model from the menu and the correct parameters are sent to the controller.


*Please note that this controller has a maximum output current of 1.5 amps and will not work with NEMA 23 stepper motors.
*When using the NSC-A2L controller with MATLAB or 64-bit LabVIEW, item 250150 (RS-485 to USB Adapter) will be required.

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NSC-A2L Accessories
RS-485 to USB Adapter with cable for NSC-A2L Controller
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Part Number: 250150
Analog Joystick
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Input Voltage +12 to +24 VDC
Communications USB 2.0 and RS-485 (9600-115K bps)
Inputs Opto-isolated +Limit, -Limit, and Home
Digital Inputs (8) Opto-isolated Inputs
Digital Outputs (8) Opto-isolated Outputs
Encoder Feedback A/B/Z Differential Encoder Inputs
Analog Input (2) 10-bit Analog Inputs (Joystick Control)
Output Current 1.5 Amp Max. (peak current)
Micro-step Resolution Full step, 2, 4, 8
Weight 0.45 kg (1.0 lbs)


NSC-A2L Two Axis Stepper Motor Controller
NSC-A2L Two Axis Stepper Motor ControllerClick to Enlarge


NSC-A2L User Interface Software:
NSC-A2L v2.0.1 Installer

USB Driver:
USB Driver v4.01.3
Sample Source Code
Includes sample source code for LabView, VB, C++, Python.

NSC-A2L User Manual:
User Manual Rev 1.18

CAD-STEP File Format: