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RT-5DR Manual Rotary Stage

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The RT-5DR manual rotary stage is designed work with our Digital Read Out (DRO) units. The rotary stage has an optical rotary encoder mounted to the input shaft to send position data to the DRO. As the user turns the knob on the RT-5DR the DRO displays the current angular position in degrees. The zero position can be set at any angle with a push of a button on the DRO.

The RT-5DR has a low profile coming in at just over 2″ thick. This manual rotary stage utilizes a worm gear drive with a gear ratio of 72:1 and is preload to minimize the backlash.

The RT-5DR includes a 3 meter long cable to connect it to the DRO unit. The DRO is sold separately.


Typical lead-time: 5-6 Weeks


Part Number: RT-5DR
DRODigital Read Out
Seven 0.5″ high numeric digits with blue backlight
Bidirectional counting
Includes universal AC power adapter, 12 VDC output
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Part Number: DRO-1-2


Axial Runout: 0.038 mm TIR (0.0015″)
Resolution: 0.0025°
Travel: 360° continuous
Gear Ratio: 72:1
Load capacity: 50 lbs.
Stage Weight: 6 lbs.
Material: Aluminum
Finish: Black Anodized


RT-5DR Manual Rotary Stage
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