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RM-5 Vacuum Compatible Rotary Stage

Newmark's RM-5 series rotary stage offers vacuum compatibility down to 10-7 Torr.

The vacuum compatible version of the RM-5 rotary stage is dimensionally the same as the standard RM-5. Every part of the stage has been modified to minimize virtual leaks and outgassing. All aluminum parts are clear iridited, bearings are lubricated with Braycote 601EF grease, and all wires use teflon insulation. The Nema 23 stepper motor is specially designed for use in vacuum applications. The fasteners are made of stainless steel and vented if used in blind holes to eliminate virtual leaks.

The RM-5 drive system utilizes a stainless steel precision ground worm and aluminum bronze worm gear. The worm gear set is  preloaded to minimize backlash.

Up to 0.36 arc-sec (72:1 gear ratio, 250 microstep driver)
±72 arc-sec
Max. Speed
Stepper Motor: 25°/sec (72:1 gear ratio)
                             50°/sec (36:1 gear ratio)
Unidirectional Repeatability
5 arc-sec
Bi-directional Repeatability
45 arc-sec
Max Load Capacity
90.7 kg (200 lbs)
Travel Range
360° Continuous
Gear Ratio
72:1 or 36:1
Encoder (Optional)
4000 CPR Optical Rotary Encoder
Stage Weight
3.6kg (8 lbs)
Clear Iridite
Vacuum Rating
10^-7 Torr
Operating Temperature
0°C to 50°C  (motor case temperature should not exceed 80°C)

Material List
6061-T6 Aluminum, Clear Iridite
Stainless Steel Drive Shaft
Aluminum Bronze Worm Gear
Teflon insulation for wires
Stainless Steel Hardware
Braycote 601EF Grease

RM-5 Vacuum Compatible Rotary Stage RM-5 Vacuum Compatible Rotary StageClick to Enlarge
Motor Options
NEMA 23 Vacuum Compatible Motor
All the paints and oils are removed from the motor. Next, high temperature windings are utilized as well as Teflon leads.
  • NEMA 23 high torque stepper motor
  • 2.8 Amp/Phase
  • 0.9 Ohm/Phase
  • 2.5 mH/Phase
  • 1.8 degrees/step
  • Compatible with the following motion controllers: NSC-A1 Series | NSC-G Series
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